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About bumping your applications

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About bumping your applications

Post by Havora on Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:20 am

Bumping Applications

You are allowed to BUMP your applications but only a week from the last comment to actually BUMP it. Do not BUMP your application every 2 hours or so because its annoying seeing your application jump up and others get theirs seen. Please be patient with your applications, all staff do seem them but they do have to discuss about the application before accepting it or agreeing with other comments. Do not push a staff member to comment on your application or ask others on the server or teamspeak to look at your application. Your application will be read, it just takes time. 

Also what we really need is applications that are have a lot of time spent on them, please don't rush your applications as we noticed this in a few of them. Take your time and make it look neat. 

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