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Tigress Gaming - Staff Requirements

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Tigress Gaming - Staff Requirements

Post by Havora on Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:37 pm

Please read the following text for information and tips on how to apply for a staff position on Tigress Gaming.

Applying for Moderator? ensure you have met these requirements:
-20+ posts on the forums
-4 days ULX time 
-Under 10 warnings (found under !warns command)
-Be known by staff/members of the community

Applying for Admin? ensure you have met these requirements:
-50+ posts on the forums
-1 and a half weeks of ULX time

How do I write my staff application? The application itself can be the success or failure of your staffing aspirations, when writing your application take your time and proof read prior to submission. Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are vital. Ensure you follow your ranks respected template which can be found here (Moderator application template) and here (Admin application template). When filling out the template please supply us with as much useful information as possible, also ensure that the application is easy to read with spacing between each question.

Anyone applying for a staff rank on Tigress gaming must be able to handle criticism, control their emotions, have efficient communication skills, confidence and determination.

If you require any assistance feel free to contact a staff member in-game or on the forums.

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