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 Deod's Forum Tutorial

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PostSubject: Deod's Forum Tutorial   Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:41 pm

This Guide shall go over all the basic things you shall need to know about posting on the forums.


Extra Info About Posting: When posting a comment it's best to have proper spelling and grammar so staff and other members actually know what is being said.

Guide 1: If you can't see what you're typing when writing a comment or post/topic

Step 1: Up the top with all the tools like Font Size, Bold, Font Color, Etc. At the End of all these Tools you will find a notepad look icon

Step 2: Click this Notepad Icon (And make sure it's selected like previous picture) and now you should be able to see what your typing.
What it should look like after Step 2:

Extra Info: If you wish to see the BBCode just click it again so its selected and you can then view BBCode but you will not be able to view text unless you select the text it self.

Guide 2: Using Templates
When writing and Application or and Appeal please use the Templates provided because it makes it look nice and neat and makes it easier for staff to understand the information.

1) When Writing an Application or Appeal/Request Please note that removing brackets makes the Application/Appeal/Request Look a lot nicer
EG. With Brackets (Click White bar to view)

EG. Without Brackets (Click White bar to view)

See how much nicer the application looks.
(I didn't bother filling out 2 Applications but you can imagine how it would look from those examples)

Template Links:
Moderator Application Template : Click here
Administrator Application Template : Click Here
Ban Request Template : Click Here
Unban Request Template : Click Here
Staff Demotion Request Template : Click Here

Extra Info: If you're looking into Applying for staff try to make your Application look nice by coloring text and other things like that. But remember that it's the information that matters the most in an Application. Also take your time with an Application, it's not a race.

Guide 3: Giving your account and Avatar/Picture
This guide is just to show you how to give your account an avatar/profile picture, This guide isn't as important as the rest and is mainly here to show you how to make your profile look nicer.

Step 1: Click the 'Profile' Button up the top of the page to access your account.

Step 2: Underneath the advert up the top of screen there should be a Tab named 'Avatar' Click that.

Step 3: Once here you can either upload a file from your PC or use a URL.

Step 4: Once you've done this just click 'Save' down the bottom and you're done, you profile has an Avatar/Profile Picture

Extra Info: Please keep in mind that having an Avatar/Profile Picture is not needed it just makes your account/profile look nice. Also keep in mind that your avatar/profile can NOT be Pornographic, Gory or generally disgusting (Goes with Rule 6 of the Forums)

Guide 4: Adding a Signature
This Guide will be showing how to add a Signature to your posts, you may have seen that other people have like pictures or text underneath ever post they do, that's most likely a Signature

Step 1: Click the 'Profile' Button up the top of the page to access your account.

Step 2: Just like Guide 3 you will find the tab for Signatures underneath the Advert at the top, the tab is also located next to the Avatar Tab

Step 3: There should be an area where you can put in next and what ever, it's set out just like when your making a post/comment, this means you can add in pictures

Step 4: Once you've made yourself a signature click the "Save" button at the bottom and you're all done.

Extra Help: To add in an image click this Icon  And then paste in the link of the image (you can use https://imgur.com/ to upload images)

Extra Info: Please note that you can NOT have any Pornographic Imagery in your signature and your signature can NOT have any harmful content, or any content disrespecting another member

Guide 5: Inactivity Template (Staff Only)
This guide came to my mind because I've seen some staff members not using the inactivity format when going inactive, this could be due to them not knowing about though.

Step 1: Go to the staff only area near the bottom of the forums (Above "Off Topic")

Step 2: Once you're in the Staff Only Forum under the "ANNOUNCEMENT & STICKY" you will find a thread called "Staff Inactivity Forum"
(Or Click Here)

Step 3: Once here copy the template/format and fill it out
(Image is just an example of how it should be done)

Step 4: Click "Send" and you're on your merry way

Extra Info: You don't need to make this template look fancy and nice with colors because there's zero point in doing that.


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Deod's Forum Tutorial
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