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 Looking to apply for moderator? Read here!

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PostSubject: Looking to apply for moderator? Read here!   Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:00 am

What is a moderator?

A moderator is the lowest ranking in the staff team that answers player requests, deals with situations throughout the sever regarding rule-breaks, provides assistance to players. A moderator is the starting rank in the staff team, any member looking to apply for moderator must follow the requirements below. Moderators are equip with a small but useful range of ULX commands to help situations and punish rule-breakers or assist players.

Requirements for moderator

 - Must have at least four days ULX time
- Must have a working microphone (If you don't have a working microphone or have personal issues regarding a microphone, please clearly state that you don't have a microphone in your application and after your application contact a high ranking staff member to come to a resolution)
- Must have below five warnings (Older or unfair warnings may not be counted depending on playtime, if you need assistance checking your warning count contact a staff member in game via @)
- Must have a good reputation throughout the staff team (not known as a minge or troublemaker)
- Minimum 20 posts on the fourms

If any of these requirements are not met your application will be denied or poorly voted upon by staff

Tips for applying for moderator

Get to know staff: get to know staff members and they're ranks, add them on steam and become active on the forums to get yourself out there and know staff members. For whatever reason please don't annoy staff over steam/discord with requests regarding your application as it may be denied or voted badly upon.

Get yourself known in the server: get yourself out there, try and get known with other roleplayers and members of the community, get yourself a good name throughout the community in a good way.

Don't be a troublemaker: if you are seen as a minge or troublemaker you will slowly become a negative member of the community and your application may be voted badly upon. Don't break rules or your application may also be voted badly upon.

Roleplay: roleplay properly, don't just walk around being a citizen and talk to players get yourself known as a good roleplayer throughout the server.

Regards, Justin and the staff team.
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Looking to apply for moderator? Read here!
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