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Moderator Application Template

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Moderator Application Template

Post by Havora on Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:27 pm

What us staff should call you : (Nickname/Name):
Age : (If you are too young, most users wont take you seriously just being honest):
Roleplay Name : (Your name currently on the server, "[Firstname] [Lastname]):
Steam Profile Name : (Your Steam Name):
Steam Profile Link : (if its a globally private account we will be suspicious) : 
Position: [MODERATOR] : (This is just what clears up what position you are looking for)
Do you have a microphone : (Saying Yes makes it easier for admin calls/talking to staff):
Experience : (Information about being staff on other servers etc):
Any previous bans : (Ask a staff member to check your bans, picture of all bans):
What can you offer us as moderator : (Give us a reason to hire you!):
Times you will be on the server : (This is basically a promise you will be on at those times):
Will you respond to @ complains/calls(promising us you will actually respond to these calls ASAP):
Garrys Mod Time : (Picture to prove it)
Server ULX Time : (Picture to prove it)

Remove those bracket notes if you are copy and pasting this template.

Read this before applying : http://tigressgaming.forumsmotion.com/t1748-tigress-gaming-staff-requirements

Good Luck!

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